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Subject: Re: KCharset
From: Andrew B. Arthur (
Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 19:21:29 MST

>From: Phil Kirschner <>

> Upon exiting KDE, I see that this error has come up several times:
> KCharset: Wrong charset!


12.2 Wrong Charset!

Actually, there are two types of charset errors, which seem to be
independent from each other at least to a certain extend:

    1.error message "Wrong charset (unknown)! Setting to default
(us-ascii)!" when starting X/KDE.
    2.error message "KCharset: Wrong Charset!" while working in X/KDE and
launching/closing apps.

To fix (1), first find the locale directory within the tree you installed
KDE to (usually $KDEDIR/share/locale). Next, put a plain text file named
"charset" in the appropriate directory for your language, say en, and make
it world-readable. The file should consist of one single line indicating
the charset, e.g. us-ascii or iso-8859-1 for most European languages. You
might need to restart KDE, too.

If it still doesn't work--as far as (1) is concerned--put a copy of the
"charset" file into the subdirectory for your country as well, e.g. not only
en, but into en_UK or en_US as well. Then set all of the three languages
supported by KDE (in the "locale settings" dialogue box) to the
same language and country.

As for (2), it is actually just a harmless warning message and it's safe to
ignore it. The way to get around it is to refrain from starting KDE apps
from a window. :-)

But if you really want to get rid of those messages, you can try making sure
that the language settings in the KDE Control Center under
Desktop->Language are all the same. In my case, I set them all to be
"Default language (C)" and the problem promptly disappeared.

> Is there a way to see the entire output of the
> Xserver since the last time I did a startx?

~/.xsession-errors should have most of this.

> Does anyone know what that may be caused by?

See above.


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