Bootx problem - No cc

Subject: Bootx problem - No cc
From: François Landry (
Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 22:09:27 MST


I am an intermediate Linux user, just installed CS 1.1 on a 7200, 80
megs of RAM, 540 Meg SCSI HD.

1. BootX doesn't work as an extension, only as an app. Any idea what is
wrong here?

2. I needed to make a very small installation (no X, and not too much
extras). Somehow, no cc or gcc installed. I didn't find the gcc rpm, so
I installed egcs. Installation is fine, but the result doesn't work :)
GCC complains about having no linker, and on the last couple of
deinstall/install, GCC started to act strangely. Whenever I try to
compile something, it starts itself many times, never stopping...

Thank you for your help, if you need any more details, do not hesitate
to contact me.

Francois Landry
Laval University Linux Club

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