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Subject: Re: CS 1.1 Ratings
From: Dan Burcaw (
Date: Thu Oct 07 1999 - 09:34:05 MDT

> Those were the pre-BootX days (it happened to me too last year). I've
> done three LinuxPPC installations in the last couple of months and was
> quite happy with how smoothly they went and how easy it's been to maintain
> them. I can't really imagine that any of the Linux/PPC distributions
> could be significantly easier or harder to install and maintain than any
> of the others right now. They're all RedHat-based, right? Am I missing
> something? How do they differ apart from the rpms they provide in the
> basic install?

Well, we put significant effort into making the Red hat installer work
well instead of introducing our new installer early... same goes for

> The only thing that's still not great is network setup, which for one
> reason or another has been a pain in the neck for me on most of my
> installations. netcfg and linuxconf look to me like they have a ways to
> for before they approach the ease of networking setup you get with a Mac.
> Is there anything for Linux that lets you save multiple network
> configurations and switch between them painlessly? Depending on where I
> am, for instance, my powerbook needs to have either a dynamic-ip (dhcp)
> connection via ethernet, a PPP connection through one of three isps, or an
> ip-masqueraded connection through my desktop machine. kppp makes the PPP
> part easy, but I have to keep switching my other filesby hand (hosts,
> resolv.conf, sysconfig/network, sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0, ...)
> Tom
> > YDL should be at the top aof the list, not the bottom.
> > I'm complaining to them now!
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