Kernel 2.2.12

Subject: Kernel 2.2.12
From: Dan Burcaw (
Date: Fri Oct 08 1999 - 18:20:05 MDT

Okay folks,

I've put 2.2.12 kernel RPMS on the ftp site:

Read the README file in that directory for info on what files to grab.
(only kernel-2.2.12-2.ppc.rpm is required)

Note: this is still experimental.. before I release an official update
      I'd like feedback.

New Features:

- Rage128 framebuffer driver support; no 2d/3d acceleration yet
  (Thanks to Anthony Tong for writing this driver!)

- Better USB support (built-in.. as will be featured in 2.4.x)
      * Keyboard and Mouse support
      * Printer support (USB printers that work vary)
- Cleanups to drivers so they don't kernel panic on a Macinotsh
  (drivers intended only for CHRP machines such as RS/6000)

Also, for now on, experimental type things like this will only be
announced on yellowdog-devel.. so if you want to help test, please
subscribe to that list.


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