Kernel 2.2.12-2.ppc.rpm install, woe is me!

Subject: Kernel 2.2.12-2.ppc.rpm install, woe is me!
From: Bernie Mentink (
Date: Sun Oct 10 1999 - 00:15:02 MDT

Ok, I'm panicking now , have sent this message from the mac partition as
linux is no more.

I had a go at installing 2.2.12-2 to 'test' this experimental kernel (need
the printer support).
Well I installed it with rpm -Uvh kernel-2.2.12-2.ppc.rpm and I get an error
saying it cannot remove
"lib/modules/2.2.6-16bpmac" directory (not empty). Not to worry, can remove
that later.

So I go to copy the vmlinux file over to my exchange partition to get it
into my
mac system folder, well I find I cannot mount the partition ( ... kernel
doen't support "hfs" file
system??). Allright, I backtrack by trying to re-install my old kernel with
rpm -U --oldpackage.
However it can not find the old 2.2.6 files anywhere??? Where does rpm put
the old files
when it does an upgrade anyhow?? Locate coudn't find them (after updatedb of

Ok, so I thought I'd point rpm to the copy on the YD cd-rom drive, only to
find that I
cannot mount the drive. ( iso9660 not supported in this kernel!)

I guess to get my system up and running I need to get a copy of the
vmlinux-2.2.12-2etc file into
my system folder, I presume that is the main problem -- help please.

I used the "rpm -U" install option, as the README file had no mention of
using "rpm -I"

Can someone please tell me how to recover from this, without having to
re-install YD 2.2.6
all over again. I have a (two-week old) backup of most files in my exchange
partition, but I'd
have to re-install 2.2.6 to be able to use it.
Maybe someone can send me the vmlinux-2.2.12 file (if that is the problem).

Thanks in advance.


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