kppp modem config

Subject: kppp modem config
From: Stu Parker (
Date: Fri Oct 15 1999 - 07:09:17 MDT


Beige G3 w/ external Global Village 56k (flex ) modem
 running YDL w/ KDE x

Problem: getting modem to work in kppp

kpp control panel settings:

1) Device Tab:

Dev: /dev/cua1 (this is the only setting that will allow modem to
initialize, see below)

Flow Control: CRTSCTS (default)

Line Termination : CR/LF (default settings)

2) Modem Tab

Commands: all set to default


When I click the query modem setting it initializes the modem and says it is
ready. It returns values of blanks though for all AT1-7 parameters???

When I launch the modem Terminal (per kpp help files) , the modem
initializes and says it is ready.

When I attempt to do a manual text entry to test modem command through the
terminal window, it will not accept any text input?!? I get a blinking input
cursor, but no ability to enter text.

Any suggestions???


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