No SCSI disks found during install

Subject: No SCSI disks found during install
From: Mark Collien (
Date: Sun Oct 17 1999 - 09:47:04 MDT


I am trying to install CS 1.1 on a Mac Server G3 (Beige). It has the 2
stock internal 4.2gb SCSI drives, the first drive has MacOS and is HFS+
formatedd on it and the second drive is an empty Mac Standard HFS drive.
When I try to install I get to the point of running fdisk and then I am told
that there are no SCSI devices found. When I check the menu the SCSI setup
option is checked off as being a completed step and I am not able to access
that step from the menu.

Is having the MacOS in extended format causing the problem? Any suggestions
as to where to start would be welcome!



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