TCP/IP Printer (was Re: Newbie woes)

Subject: TCP/IP Printer (was Re: Newbie woes)
From: Urs Hochstrasser (
Date: Tue Oct 19 1999 - 03:30:29 MDT


Anders Svensson wrote:
>I'm using Asante LocalTalk. It gives me a ethernet connection to the
>apple-talk laserprinter. That might help.

Yep. I do the same thing, use AsanteTalk and the Netatalk software to
print to my DeskWriter.

Speaking of printers, how do I get a LaserJet 2100TN to work under
YDL? This Ethernet PostScript printer can be accessed on the LAN
using its own TCP/IP Address, but I couldn't yet figure out how I
must configure Linux for it. Could someone give me step by step
instructions to set this up? Thanks a lot!


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