Re: One monitor, two computers?

Subject: Re: One monitor, two computers?
From: Ed Jaeger (
Date: Thu Oct 28 1999 - 15:20:12 MDT

Have you considered an X server for your Mac?

It's free - I use it. Of course, it's no good as a console if the box
won't boot, but I have a couple of machines here that haven't had a
monitor or keyboard attached for monthhs - I even upgrade them,
recompile kernels, etc. vi telnet & X from my Mac.

"Jason P. Stanford" wrote:
> Is there a way I can share my 20" (beige) Apple Colorsync monitor
> between a Blue & White G3 (running MacOS) and a Beige G3/300 running
> YDL? Some sort of switch? What about the ADB port on the monitor? Please
> help! (I don't have enough desktop space for both computers *and* two
> monitors... And the fact that I hardly ever work directly on the YDL
> server, but need it occasionally).
> Jason

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