Re: Help with pppdown script...

Subject: Re: Help with pppdown script...
Date: Tue Sep 07 1999 - 22:16:25 MDT

When you enclose a statement in brackets, you need to put spaces inside
each of the individual brackets.

This: [-f /some/file] won't work.
This: [ -f /some/file ] will work.

Also, it's a good idea to use indentation to make your code more readable,
like this:

if [ some condition ]; then
        (some commands)
        if [ some other condition ]; then
                (some more commands)

This will make the script easier to read.

Mark Fassler
Terra Soft Solutions, Inc.
   Yellow Dog Linux
   "The Ultimate Companion for a Dedicated Server"

> When I run this, though, I get the following error message: > > /usr/local/bin/pppdown : [: missing ']' > > I've tried fooling around with various apostrophe combinations to no > avail, and I don't see a missing bracket anywhere. > > Any help would sure be appreciated! > > Jeff Ross >

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