Re: APC Cables

Subject: Re: APC Cables
From: Stephen Lewis (
Date: Wed Sep 15 1999 - 23:22:24 MDT

Is it a serial link? Does the UPS have plug or socket?
You can get nice premolded cables from Mac miniDIN 8 to DB25M
from MacWarehouse. If UPS has pins then you would need a null
modem connector as well. Or do you really want to make one?
Stephen Lewis

Neil Jolly wrote:
> I just aquired an Apc 700 Smart Ups which I would like to get hooked up
> to my G3 (beige 233). I read through the Ups-Howto, and found a good
> section on making cables for PCs, but not for Power PCs. Has anyone out
> there managed to build such a thing, or seen info related to building
> Mac to Apc cables.?
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> Neil Jolly
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