Re: RS/6000 43P

Subject: Re: RS/6000 43P
From: Alberto Varesio (
Date: Fri Sep 17 1999 - 07:22:50 MDT

Dan Burcaw wrote:
> > IMHO the images you (and me) are trying aren't meant for that model.
> > Model 120, as well as 100 (mine) and 133, do NOT have OF, so they do NOT display
> > a boot prompt nor handle F8 key.
> > That model look after a different type of boot floppy, like the ones that
> > were available for LinuxPPC installation.
> > I hope YDL people will soon build a backward compatible boot image.
> Are you sure a LinuxPPC boot disk worked on these OF-less machines?

Yes !!
I still have LinuxPPC R4 installed on my 43P-100. I only can't get any further.
Boot images for R5 (1999) have some problem handling the SCSI adapter, but
correctly boot an installer. That is why I was trying YDL.
I think there is some little kernel problem to be fixed.

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