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Subject: Re: Help! Newbie with a Pismo!
From: Michael Long (
Date: Sat Apr 15 2000 - 19:07:07 MDT

on 4/15/00 6:10 PM, Chris Woo at wrote:

> Alright, before you start bombarding the lists with emails about stuff most
> people don't want to see, please send your helpful emails directly to me at
> and I will digest, rewrite in plain english, and post for general lay
> consumption!
> The Situation:
> Complete Linux Newbie + Pismo 500 + YD Champion CD 1.2 = Trouble!
> I've tried finding threads and assorted info on websites and mailing lists,
> but most of it is very confusing techno-babble to me, which is embarrassing,
> as I have been servicing computers for almost 10 years!
> Basically, what happens is I boot my laptop from the YD CD which starts up
> fine, then I get the hda: lost interrupt messages, and the Welcome Screen,
> from which I can go no further. As I understand it, the current kernel on
> the CD is incompatible with the new Pismo's, and that I need benh's kernel.
> Here are my issues:
> 1. How do I figure out my partition numbers? I keep reading that PDisk does
> not work with IDE drives, so how am I supposed to set up my partitions,
> assuming I could get the CD to work? Should I have written down the exact
> order of my drive partitions at the time that I set them up with Drive
> Setup? IIRC, I set these partitions up in the following order: swap 132 MB,
> type: linux; root 2000MB, type: linux; shared 2000MB, type HFS; MacOS 7800
> MB, type HFS+;
> 2. How do I make a bootable installation disk/CD? I need EXACT, step-by-step
> instructions, including URL's/locations of files needed. According to the
> YDL Manual that came with my CD, there is a "simple" update that I need to
> download off their website, and yet I find no mention of it on the website!
> 3. I am not a Tech-Newbie, just a Linux-newbie. Give me your hard-core
> steps, and I will digest or ask for clarification.
> TIA!
> Chris Woo
Keep your swap bewlow 128 MB. Be patient, we are breaking new ground with
Linux on Apple PPC's, maintain the pioneering spirit!

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