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Subject: Re: please help
From: Jim Cole (
Date: Sat Apr 15 2000 - 21:16:48 MDT

Dokks's bits of Sat, 15 Apr 2000 translated to:

>I have yaboot.conf and vmlinux and yaboot.tbxi in the system folder on my
>MacOS partition.
>here's the contents of my yaboot conf
>init-message = "\nWelcome to Yellow Dog Linux!\nHit <TAB> for boot
>timeout = 150
>Is the kernal suppose to reside permanently in the system folder on my MacOS
There are ways to do otherwise, but for your current setup you would just
leave it where it is. You would of course need to update it if you build
a new kernel.

>also when I boot and hold down APPLE OPTION F O I then type boot
My understanding was that yaboot.tbxi was for a single-boot, Linux-only
system. Is that what you are aiming for?

>That puts me into the yaboot utility. If I then type linux it says image not
>found? but if I type hd:8,\\vmlinux. It loads the kernal. Yet startX will
>not start.
I have no idea whether it actually makes a difference or not, but I have
all the info associated with a particular image (label, root, etc.)
indented. That is also the way it has been in all of the examples I have
seen thus far, e.g.


Just a WAG since it sounds like the label is not being seen in your config.
I assume you are seeing the init-message as defined in yaboot.conf?

As for X not starting... Do you mean that typing startx fails? Or that X
doesn't automatically fire up and give you a graphical login screen when
you boot Linux? If it is the latter case, this is by design and can be
changed once a manual start via startx is giving you something reasonable.
If it is the former, there is probably a configuration problem; I know
next to nothing about the iMacs, so my advice would be limited to run
Xconfigurator ;)

>I have downloaded and printed out the manual on Yellowdogs site, but it is
>not very helpful with any information on Yaboot. And BootX always tells me
>that no suitable kernal found??
Did you download the manual for 1.2? They added a whole section on setting
up yaboot. Haven't actually read it, but I know it is there ;)


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