Re: Netscape 4.7 FREEZES my machine

Subject: Re: Netscape 4.7 FREEZES my machine
From: Jeremy Knope (
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 17:48:23 MDT

i'd suggest a new kernel... i'm running
 YellowDog CS 1.2 on kernel 2.2.15pre20
on: BlueG3 400 DVD with 192M of RAM
netscape hasn't recently brought the entire system
down... but it has in the past when i was running
older software like a old kernel and such. try that...
if you want you can try my compiled kernel i use, it
has no support for anything besides what my comptuer
has tho... ie no floppy or anything. not sure about
modem or anything. but i turn most of the SCSI/IDE
floppy and such... only rage128 support too.

--- Robert Fout <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been using Netscape 4.7 for about a month now.
> Just recently it has
> started to sometimes lock the whole machine up,
> right when you go to a webpage.
> The mouse won't move, can't switch to another
> virtual desktop, can't switch to
> a VT, can do a thing but hit the power button and
> let fsck do it's work. Has
> anyone else had this same problem.? I'm using YDL CS
> 1.1 (Kernel 2.2.6) on a
> B&W G3/400/128 MB, booting off a 2 GB partition on
> the internal IBM IDE HD.
> Bob
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