Re: Darwin 1.3.1?

Subject: Re: Darwin 1.3.1?
From: andu (
Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 12:52:44 MDT

Chris Ruprecht wrote:
> Apple has posted Darwin 1.3.1 as a free download. I guess, it's as good as any other BSD UNIX but then, it would not run on my 9600 as it's not on the OS X supported list - but who knows, I might give it a try.
> But, they also posted an Intel version of Darwin which absolutely surprises me. What are their plans with that? Are they doing any Mac OS X ports to the Intel platform? There were rumors they would, but why? The Pentium, even if you take a 1.2 GHz version, doesn't have the horsepower to support some of the applications (like iDVD I think it's called). What are they up to with such a port? Are they trying to cut into the Linux market, and if so, what for? Or are they trying to cut into the Windows Market? Certainly not with a graphics-less UNIX OS ...
> Any ideas, anybody?

Apple is a smart jerk: they use this pretty much useless Darwin as bait
for free code and ideas, so why get stuck in the ppc world only.

> Best regards,
> Chris

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