Re: Weird Port Open

Subject: Re: Weird Port Open
From: Patrick J. Larkin (
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 09:44:52 MDT

Thanks for the reply...

> On Wed, 25 Apr 2001, Patrick J. Larkin wrote:
>>> Did you try simply telnet'ing to the port to see what you get?
>> I have telnet turned off.
> When you 'turn telnet off' you simply don't have a daemon listening on
> port 23. You can still telnet to other ports however. Example: try the
> following:
> Type 'telnet 80' to telnet to port 80 of that
> machine. If there is a web server, it will wait for another
> statement. Type the following 'HEAD / HTTP/1.0' (no quotes). Here is an
> example of my server:

OK, when I type 'telnet myhost 1024' I get:

Lockd: connect from unprivileged port:<4>lockd: accept
failed (err 11)!

And then...

Connection closed by foreign host.

>>> Or:
>>> netstat -p --tcp
>> This gives me a bunch of active web connections.
> This gives you all tcp connections and if you are superuser when you do
> this, the -p gives you the process ID that is active/listening for each
> connection. You might want to try the following:
> netstat -p | grep 1024

There is nothing listed at all when grepping for 1024.

One note: If I run netstat -a, 1024 shows up as a UDP connection.

Patrick Larkin
Information and Communications Technology
Bethlehem Area School District

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