Re: Are there drivers for Jaz USB drives? (YES!!)

Subject: Re: Are there drivers for Jaz USB drives? (YES!!)
From: William K. Gibson (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 13:21:48 MDT

on 4/30/01 2:18 PM, William K. Gibson at wrote:

> modprobe usb-storage
> Suddenly my iomega 2G Jaz drive came to life. My powerbook can see the
> drive. Now I just had to mount it. I used /dev/sda2 in fstab and mounted it

Oh, one more thing...

Can anyone suggest how to load the usb-storage module at startup? I know
with the sound issue it was to use the conf.modules file with alias sound
dmasound. What would the correponding line entry be for the usb drive?

--William K. Gibson
1stDesk Systems

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