Re: How do I set up an FTP Server? - Permissions

Subject: Re: How do I set up an FTP Server? - Permissions
From: Som Datye (
Date: Tue Dec 05 2000 - 12:11:28 MST

Sy Bensky wrote:
It worked !
But the problem is that I can't find any way to change the permissions.
Anyone ?

Som Datye

> There is also a configuration file for ProFTP that you
> may need to look at.
> Sy Bensky
> --- Sam Moore <> wrote:
>> Edit the file /etc/inetd.conf
>> You want to un-comment the line that begins "ftp
>> stream tcp" (it's about line 35
>> or so) - just remove the "#" from the beginning of
>> the line. Have a look at the
>> end of the line - that'll tell you which ftp daemon
>> you're going to be using
>> (probably proftp if you're on CS 1.2).
>> After doing this, save the file and send INETD a
>> SIGHUP signal (so it re-reads
>> the configuration file).
>> At this point you should be able to ftp in as one of
>> your users (you'll land in
>> that user's home directory).
>> That'll get you started, then read the mailing list
>> archives (search for
>> "proftp" and "wuftp" ) for more info on security
>> issues.

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