Re: Long waits for telnet connections

Subject: Re: Long waits for telnet connections
From: Richard Massa (
Date: Tue Dec 12 2000 - 11:26:17 MST

On Tue, 12 Dec 2000, Graham Leggett wrote:

> Gawain Reifsnyder wrote:
> > I've got our G4 YDL box configured with two IP addresses, one for our
> > internal LAN and the other for the internet. Obviously, it's much
> > faster to work on the server by connecting locally, but it often
> > takes a looong time to connect either via telnet or ftp. I've
> > configured proFTPD to not do dns looks as specified to speed things
> > up, but both services still crawl on connects.
> >
> > Once the connection is established, everything is blazing fast.
> >
> > Any theories?
> Long pauses are almost always reverse DNS lookups that are failing and
> timing out.
> When your internal machine connects to the ftp server, the ftp server
> does a reverse lookup of your client IP address for logging. If reverse
> DNS is not configured correctly for your internal network this DNS query
> can timeout and eventually fail, holding up ftp and other connections.
> The quick fix is to specify an entry in your /etc/hosts file for all
> your internal hosts, but a better way is to configure proper DNS names
> and reverse mappings in your dns server for these client hosts.
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> Graham
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This same problem has been bugging me with my sun for a long time... I
just realized that this is probably same problem... Hehe... thanks for
the info...


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