Re: Newbie Problem Booting into YDL ONLY

Subject: Re: Newbie Problem Booting into YDL ONLY
From: Jonathan Bertsch (
Date: Thu Dec 14 2000 - 00:56:45 MST

> Dual G4/500. 256MB/RAM. Installed YDL successfully, I have a MacOS partition
> I'd love to do away with. Is this possible? Do I have to start over to dust
> the MacOS?

You can use the Mac OS partition for linux only if it is hfs not hfs+ so
if the partition is hfs+ then yes you do need to re-partition the hard
disk and re-install everything... then later you can use the space in
linux (assuming you are using yaboot to boot since bootx requires the Mac

>I have installed YDL on the iBook already, but can't boot into it.

Is it that you cannot boot into it at all, or do you want to have it boot
linux automaticly? Also are you using bootx or yaboot?

> Also, stupid question, but how do I enable a Telnet connection?

use the telnet command... i.e. 'telnet something.somewhere'

Jonathan Bertsch

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