Yaboot madness and intrigues - please help.

Subject: Yaboot madness and intrigues - please help.
From: Adam Attarian (adama@mac.com)
Date: Sat Feb 03 2001 - 12:23:00 MST

Hey People!

Ok, Here is what we have. (keep in mind: NEWBIE here.)

Two IDE Hard Drives. HDA has all of the linux stuff on it, with root at
hda11, scratch at hda12. Also on HDA are an HFS+ and an HFS partition, at
hda9 and 10, respectively. On the HFS+ partition is a VERY minimal system

HDB is just by itself, and it is my primary MacOS Drive.

On the root level of HFS+ (hda9), are:

The yaboot.conf file:

timeout = 150
default = linux

image = hd:9,\\\\vmlinux
    label = linux

I think I've tried every number in terms of hd in every conceivable spot it
could be put.

Now, with what I have so far, is anything configured correctly? I want to
dual boot this machine, and I made the change to the bootscript per YDL's
instructions. Where ever there is a hd:, [,] I am never sure whether or not
I should put a number there, and if so, which number I should put.

Like, for now, lets do a linux machine. Pure and simple.

At OF, should I enter setenv boot-device hd:11,\\\\yaboot (9 or 11?) And
does it matter which drive (hda vs. hdb) I am starting up from?

Whenever I enter something in OF, I basically get an error message. Be it
"Can't open hd:,\\\\yaboot", or something else. I did install linux though,
it is on the drive.



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