Install Freeze from 1.2.1 CD on 8500

Subject: Install Freeze from 1.2.1 CD on 8500
From: Joe Pezzillo (
Date: Sun Feb 18 2001 - 13:43:49 MST


I am encountering the "freeze during package install" problem previously
reported by sanwin (and others) in the message "installation freeze" on Mon
Dec 25 2000

I am attempting to install YDL 1.2.1 from a LinuxCentral cd-rom onto an
8500/120 80/2GB (partition 3 is 1.5GB / root, 4 is 128MB /swap, and 5 is a
256MB MacOS. Previous install attempts used a /,/var,/usr partioning scheme
with the same results, switched to using one large root based on another
message reply).

The install has failed repeatedly during some portion of the glibc package.

I have downloaded another iso image, toasted a raw disc image install CD,
same result.

What gives? I have been able to install MkLinux on a 6150 (not to mention
many other os'es), so I'm somewhat familiar with the process.

Also, what server and path specs can I use to attempt the FTP install?



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