Re: iBook 466 SE, and some problems

Subject: Re: iBook 466 SE, and some problems
From: Ryan Powers (
Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 09:58:39 MST

i've got a 5G mac HFS partition, 128M swap and 4.2G root. I think that's
plenty big.

I haven't made any progress yet.

although i've heard mention of a special iBook kernel, but I can't find it

thanks, ryan

on 2/20/01 11:08, Harris Scott R CIV AFRL/SNJM at

> I had the same problem with the mouse. The manual says that if the
> installer crashes at the mouse configuration it means you don't have
> a big enough root partition. Anyhow, making / bigger and installing a
> minimal system fixed my problem. How big are your partitions? The
> recommended sizes
> in the manual are a bit on the small size.
> I wasn't able to get X working on my iBook with YD, so I switched to
> LinuxPPC Q4. If you
> get it working, let me know. I'm trying to get XFree86 4.0.2 working right
> now.
> I've got an original iBook, so my video is Mach64, not Rage128. This makes
> a
> difference when you set up X. I end up using Xpmac on my portables instead
> of
> XFree86.
> -Scott
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> Subject: iBook 466 SE, and some problems
> Hi,
> I got a copy of CS 1.2 from a friend. YDL's website says that the iBooks are
> officially supported, but I've had nothing but problems.
> First Problem: iBook shuts off loading kernel after displayiong something
> what I think is pmac_ide.
> Solution: I got kernel 2.2.15pre19 from Paulus' website.
> Second Problem: During install, after copying the files, the mouse
> configurator fails. If I run this seperately from within YDL it gives a
> segfault.
> Solution: ?
> Third Problem: X setup fails because the mouse is not configured
> Solution: Fix problem 2
> I've seen mention of power failure randomly, but that's not this, and I've
> read of people have the kernel sit where it says booting... and the only
> time I ever got a problem like what was when I had the append="video....
> statement in the yaboot.conf file.
> I heard a mention of having to set some adb_xpmac_compat in the kernel args
> to use the trackpad, but when i put that in the append="" statement, it sits
> at booting...
> I'm probably doing something wrong, because I'm can get around linux but up
> untill I got my laptop back, I've never had a system I can put it on.
> I appreciate any help, and please email a direct response to
> I prefer direct communication, and I don't have much time to look through
> digests.
> thanks,
> ryan

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