Re: dial-up problems

Subject: Re: dial-up problems
From: Iain Stevenson (
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 02:18:41 MST

I'm not sure how RH dialer works but the pppd software usually makes use of
a script and the program 'chat'. The main purpose of the script is to
negotiate connection past router login procedures. It would be worth
checking out the pppd documentation and also maybe looking at diald (a dial
on demand daemon).


on 5/1/01 4:04 am, Duncan Hames at wrote:

> Hi, I just installed 1.2.1 on my 5500/250. I'm using an external 56k modem to
> dial in to my ISP, which YDL auto-detected first time. When I attempt to
> connect using RH Dialer, the modem dials the number, i get all the connection
> noises etc., but then nothing. I went into debug from the panel which has all
> the ISP accounts, and i get
> Welcome to NetSpace Online Systems,
> please choose an option.
> then it has a series of options like this:
> a)option
> b)option
> c)option
> d)option
> How can i get the modem to choose one of these options?
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