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Subject: Re: starting up
From: William F. Hostman (
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 20:20:55 MST

>Hi everyone,
>I'm new to this mailing list. I would like to ask first: is there any place
>the yellow dog site for instance) I can find a searchable archive of this
>Now my question concerns start-up. I have moderately successfully
>installed YDL on my computer, since I've been able to boot it once (though
>not in windowsX or startX--the visual window mode). I can't seem to
>manage it again though. Here's a list of a few things that go wrong (I am
>using yaboot on a G4):
>--using the space bar at start-up time crashes my computer on a blank
>--i can go into open firmware and type 'boot', though, and then press the
>space bar, which lands me a prompt at the top left of a black screen
>("press 'tab' for more options") [not a problem in itself, see below]

where is your yaboot located?
Do you have a Mac-side partition?
What hardware?

when I boot, I type in
> boot hd:12,yaboot

because on my machine, yaboot resides on partition 12; it used to be
yaboot.tbxi, so that may work too. it looks like it is on root level
of your 9th partition.

>--typing 'linux' lands 'image not found' so I have to type each time:
>hd:9,\\vmlinux (not a very convenient way to boot)

edit your yaboot.conf to have (assumes some form of iMac for the append data)

[begin excerpt]
init-message = "\nWelcome to Yellow Dog Linux!\n\nHit <TAB> for boot
timeout = 100
default = linux

image = hd:9,\\vmlinux
     label = linux
     root = /dev/hda10
     append = "video=aty128fb:vmode:17,cmode:24"

image = hd:9,\\vmlinux
     label = rescue
    initrd = hd:9,\\rescue.image.gz
     append = "video=aty128fb:vmode:17,cmode:24"

[end excerpt]

on the root line, change hda10 to reflect which partition is your
root linux partition, if it is not hda10. The append is the one for
an iMac display. if on some other display type you may need a
different append. Since this file needs to be next to yaboot, and on
an hfs partion, you should be able to edit with simpletext.

you will need to put rescue.image.gz next to yaboot for it to work.
It is on the tasty morsels cd.

>--this lauchnes the YDL startup process with the penguin and all,
>"Welcome to Yellow Dog Linux" in the middle of the screen in yellow
>letters, and it runs through a bunch of startup stuff
>--now problem #1: it says "/dev/hda10 was not cleanly unmounted, check
>forced" and it runs through a percentage on the lower right of the screen, 0
>through 100, it takes about a minute each time
>--problem #2: after all's done it says
>kernel panic: machine check
>starting sendmail: rebooting in 180 seconds

you may need to change some of your startup sequences. (I'm on the
macside right now). this means starting using the rescue option
(which puts you into single user mode), doing a mount command
#> cd /
#> mount -t ext2 /dev/hda10 /mnt
#> cd /mnt/etc
#> pico inittab

this will allow you to comment out the various startup options.
(Comment them out one to three per try. And DON"T delete anything
except comment hashes [#]! that way you can retry with different

>...and then it waits 180 seconds and 'reboots', going thus back into
>macOS. I don't know how to stop this countdown nor how to run the linux!
>Please help me,

This may be the blind leading the blind, but you my try looking
around my web-site to look at my list of things I did to get linux
working on my iMac DVSE 500. then click
on the ydl link in the upper right frame.

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