Re: Linux on G3 upgraded with G4 NewerTech Chip

Subject: Re: Linux on G3 upgraded with G4 NewerTech Chip
From: Aaron Lawson (
Date: Wed Jan 10 2001 - 11:05:35 MST

I've been trying to do the exact same thing (I have the Newer 400 G4
upgrade on a 400 G3 machine) and I cannot get it to work. I've tried both
Yellow Dog and Suse and a lot of things (like different kernels) but no
luck so far. I have asked if the OS was compatible with this card but I
haven't gotten a response from anyone, it might simply be that none of the
PPC ports of Linux works with this chip. I'll let you know if I get
something going. I'm going to try booting from the 2.2.18-kernel as was
just suggested by the folks at Suse. Good luck and let me know if you make

Anyone else out there ever been able to do this (and how???)


At 02:00 PM 1/9/01 -0600, you wrote:
> Any chance of getting YD linux to run on a Mac G3 with a NewerTech G4
> processor upgrade?
> I've tried LinuxPPC but the system won't boot from the CD. I moved the
> contents of the CD to a separate partition and tried to boot from it, but
> the system crashes on booting. (I haven't been able to install Mac OS-Xb
> on this system either).
> System: G3/333 mHz minitower with Newer Tech G4/400 processor. 640 Meg
> RAM, 80 Gig IDA and 2 wide SCSI drives, plenty of unallocated free space
> for partitions on any drive.
> Thanks for the info:
> Joe Travis
>J.T. Travis

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