Re: KPPP RH PPP Dialer Problems

Subject: Re: KPPP RH PPP Dialer Problems
From: Chris Thiel (
Date: Mon Jul 03 2000 - 09:58:08 MDT

>I'm trying to set up a connection to my ISP, I'm running YDL
>Champion server 1.2. Before, while using LinuxPPC 2000 I used
>redhat's RH PPP Dialer and it worked fine. Now, whatever software I
>try to use(I 'm leaning toward KPPP, but for now, I just want one
>that works!) whenever I connect, it connects then immediately hangs
>up. If I enter debug mode in KPPP, it says my modem unexpectedly
>hung up. Somewhere I read that I should put "NOAUTH" into my ppp
>arguments, but that didn't work. Any suggestions?
>Thanks for any help,
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Your ISP may use PAP authentication.... this involves adding your
password to the pap-secrets file in your /etc/ppp directory. I
learned this from the generic "how to set up with linux" file at my
Internet Service Provider's home page.

You can confim what happens using the debug button on RH PPP (or KPPP
for that matter).. it will show the response from the modem and all...

Good luck!

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