RE: I kneed real help installing XFree86 4.0

Subject: RE: I kneed real help installing XFree86 4.0
From: Vanco, Donald (
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 14:10:17 MDT

If you are sure the dependencies are in place you can install with --nodeps
in your rpm command syntax

(the U assumes you are upgrading)

rpm -ivh mypackage-1.0.0.rpm --nodeps

You may need to rebuild the rpm database if you're having issues with it
telling you that packages you know are installed aren't:

rpm --rebuilddb



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> Subject: I kneed real help installing XFree86 4.0
> I need some real help installing XFree86 4.0. I can not install it
> because every time I rpm -Uvh the response is the dependencies need
> to be installed. So, I go in install the dependencies and it says I
> need the XFree86 installed. What a circle... How do I install all
> the files at once? I used the * and it also says I need Mesa...
> This is a headache and a half.
> Signed :('
> Adam
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> Commercial Photography
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