is this a partition problem?

Subject: is this a partition problem?
From: Busman (
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 09:39:24 MDT

hi to all the people!

I explore more in YDl and I have more information about my YDl
instalation problem, maybe now someone can help me...

with drive setup in macos i make one HFS de 2.5 GB on my second 10
GB HD dedicated to linux)... the rest I leave "unalocated" and do
nothin until I work with fdisk in YDl install..., is all ok at that
point?.. with fdisk I create one root particion of 7 GB and one swap
de 128 MB (I have 192 of ram... and 128 is the swap maxin the YDL

Well when I start with linux shoe me this error.. is a Big one, by
the way I check the disk for bad block, and nop, no bad block... (in
the disk where I install linux of corse), soo any problem in blocks
is a partition problem...

this i the error exactly... (after YDl say Welcome and all that ,
when verify swap say this)...

activating swap partition swapen: /dev/hdb11 : invalid argument FAILED

checking root filesystem /dev/hdb10

     the fylesystem size (accord de superblock) is 7409860 blocks the
     size of the device is 7250000 blocks either the superblock or the partition
     table is likely to be corrupt!

after that... I write my root password and ok... but I see this.. in
any app I run to configurate is the same... all work, but whe the
configurate problem try to "save" the changes give me fail, maybe Iīm
not root?, I donīt thinck soo, Iīm root, and that is the only
account... that is why I thinc is a partition problem... any way..
this is what show me when I write "startx"

Xauth: error in locking authorityfile /root/.Xauthority
Xauth: error in locking authorityfile /root/.Xauthority

Fatal server error
Could not create lock file in /tmp/.tX0-lock
_X11TrasSocketUnixConnect: Canīt connect: errno= 111

Xinit: connection refused (error 111): unable to connect to X server
Xinit: no such process (error 3): Server error

I write then Xconfigurator... ask me for monitor, resolution and
blabla... but when is gona make the changes show me this fail

canīt open file for writing
perhaps you arenīt root?

Weel my HDB es dedicated to linux, soo tell what is right wy to
partitons my HD... because I presume all my problem is that..

I hope with all this data someone can help me... :)

See ya



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