Re: solution - Re: serious appletalk permissions problem

Subject: Re: solution - Re: serious appletalk permissions problem
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 09:49:19 MDT

On Wed, 26 Jul 2000, Stefan Jeglinski wrote:
>My big problem now is that I have a huge mess of directories and files
>going all the way back up to the root level from here with all kinds of
>different permissions on them from my experimentation. Sigh... my only
>consolation is that these trials and tribulations make me even more of a
>Linux geek. Hey, wait a minute... do I want that?!

Hey Stefan,

 I hope things are working out for you, just one thing, you do know that
you can do a 'chown -R <user> <dir>' don't you? The -R is for recursive do
'man chown', this also applies for chgrp and chmod, sorry if this seems
like a dumb question.

 Also, if you are using BBEdit, which is my favorite text editor (second
is Vim) it also has an FTP client built in. I have never used the built in
FTP client, but I hear it is pretty nice (I use NetFinder). Seriously,
from my experience, removing AppleTalk (netatalk, etc.) isn't a bad idea
at all. FTP is way more efficient and more Unix/Linux/OSX friendly. :-)



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