Weird installation problem.

Subject: Weird installation problem.
From: Ash Weaver (
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 11:07:52 MDT


I'm having a weird keyboard error during installation of Champion Server
1.2. First let me give my computer configuration:
I'm installing on an original B&W G3 with an extended usb keyboard and a
3-button usb mouse (ordered through YellowDog). I have 3 internal hard
disks: 2 IDE and 1 SCSI running off of an adaptec 2906 pci card--my
installation will take place on the scsi drive.
I've decided that BootX is the better method of booting linux for my
setup, and my options look like this:
force scsi on - check
force video settings - check
use specified ramdisk - check for some background to set up the problem:
Last week, after I ordered the CDs, I downloaded the installation
components (BootX, vmlinux, ramdisk.image.gz) and put them in their
proper places. I restarted in linux mode and everything worked fine...I
could move through the setup options and such but obviously couldn't
install anything without a CD.

I received the install CDs this morning, and without changing any of the
settings I rebooted into linux mode. No errors were found and the
normal 'Welcome to Yellow Dog Linux!' screen appeared. The problem is
that the keyboard doesn't work. The cursor blinks, but return doesn't
'press' the Ok button. I can't figure out what's wrong because I didn't
change any of the settings between last Friday and now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Ash Weaver
DirectAthletics Inc.

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