RE: Switching from Intel to G4 - Questions.

Subject: RE: Switching from Intel to G4 - Questions.
From: Bryce Verdier (
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 11:08:01 MDT

I think this is rather amuseing... i have a beige G3 orginally 266, but i
upgraded to 450. Increased the ram to 64 PC66, and 192 PC100, and told the
motherboard to run at 83MHz as opposed to the 66 set by apple. And i looked
and i'm pushing 914 bogomips.

Then i came to work... looked at my P3 500... 128 megs of ram,and 100MHz bus
speed. and i'm running mandrake 7.0 on it... and i'm only doing 496.

I guess that is what has to be said about 20 year old porcessor design.

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Subject: Re: Switching from Intel to G4 - Questions.

just a note on bogomips. my b&w g3 400 has a bogomips rating of 398 on ydl
1.1. under ydl 1.2, the same machine has a bogomips rating of 790+.

my 733 mhz intel running redhat 6.1 has a bogomips rating of 730+

dave riedel

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> Subject: Re: Switching from Intel to G4 - Questions.
> Sorry that I can't help with your first two questions, but the 2nd two I
> help with. The G4 comes standard with the same shaped keyboard and mouse
> that come with the iMacs, but they are graphite in color. I'd highly
> recommend buying a full-size keyboard, and a 3 button USB mouse if you
> to use Linux even a little bit, it is soooo much better.
> As for bogomips, they are just that, "bogus MIPS". I wouldn't put much
> in them. Just cause we're on the subject, my G3/400 has just less than 400
> bogomips (like 398.xx). I'd assume a G4/400 and faster would have higher
> bogomips.
> When looking at comparing intel, AMD, and PPC chips, compare the floating
> point and integer performance, as well as how much L1 is on-chip, and how
> much L2 cache the computer has or can have. The size of the chip also
> matters. In this case, the bigger chips need more space for cooling (the
> chips), and that impacts noise and power consumption.
> Bob
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>> Subject: Switching from Intel to G4 - Questions.
>> Hi,
>> I am going to buy a new computer and I am thinking of an G4-400. But
>> are still some questions. Now I am using Mandrake 7 on an Intel Computer.
>> I have got an PCI-TV-Tuner card that is supported by the video4linux
>> driver. Does anybody know if it will run in an G4, too? Or is it not that
>> easy?
>> And I still have got an HP LaserJet 5L (parallel). What would be the best
>> solution to keep that printer ? An USB to Parallel adapter cable or an
>> ethernet print-server? Or are there other possibilities?
>> I did not find any photos of the G4 keyboard and mouse. Is the G4 using
>> the same as the I-Mac ?
>> How much Bogo-Mips does an G4-400/450/500 have ?
>> Where do I find up to date comparison charts between the Intel, AMD and
>> cpu's ?
>> Yours sincerely,
>> Claas

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