Re: Using Sendmail for remote mail from LAN

Subject: Re: Using Sendmail for remote mail from LAN
From: Xavier (
Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 22:29:31 MST

Randall Perry wrote:
>... Sending local mail to the server from another
> machine on the LAN works. But trying to send outgoing mail from a LAN
> machine doesn't. I get a 'relay not allowed' message (not the exact words).
> Do I have to open up the incoming SMTP port for this to work properly? Or is
> there some sendmail configuring that needs doing?
> At the moment, the only thing I want to do is use the server for outgoing
> SMTP mail from the LAN machines.
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> Randy Perry
> sysTame
> Mac Consulting/Sales

Don't worry,
its easy to do the thing. What do you have to do is add your LAN ip to
the file
/etc/mail/access. Lets pretend your LAN is 111.222.333.x, so your file
will be:

# by default we allow relaying from localhost...
localhost.localdomain RELAY
localhost RELAY RELAY
111.222.123 RELAY

if you want to deny any spammer you can add
123.123.123 550 Your provider were added to our spam list

after you can create a file named makeaccess and chmod it to 755, with
the follow


cat /etc/mail/access | makemap hash /etc/mail/access

run it, and stop/start your sendmail process. Everything should work



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