Re: Pismo install of CS 1.2.1

Subject: Re: Pismo install of CS 1.2.1
From: Rob Wilson (
Date: Wed Mar 14 2001 - 20:17:44 MST

> > 2. Does the linux partition need to be second?
>It dosen't matter where you have the linux partition, as long as you keep
>track of which it is for editing your yaboot.conf file

Does this mean to edit yaboot.conf before proceeding with the package
selection and such?

>What I remember from my pismo insall it that I used the MacOS install cd
>to run drive setup and made the partitions(root,usr,home,swap...) and then
>re-installed macOS and when I did the linux install ran pdisk to check

pdisk seems happy, just what comes after doesn't like what it did or
didnt do...

>everything out and then went on with the install. One thing I think might
>be of some help is that you cannot use disk druid, or at least I couldn't

Yesh(no?), it doesn't work for me either.

>Jonathan Bertsch

Rob Wilson

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