external modem PPP on 8600

Subject: external modem PPP on 8600
From: Michael Tucker (mtucker@eecs.harvard.edu)
Date: Sun Mar 25 2001 - 13:25:55 MST


 I have am trying to get PPP working and have had little luck. I've
played with netcfg, kPPP, and tried the scripts from the PPP howto and
have ended up no further than I started. It's possible that the settings
for the different "ppp's" are conflicting, I'm not experienced enought to
really tell. But, in any case, this is what happens:

 I fire up the connection with netcfg (or ppp-on) and it dials up and logs
me on properly. When I look at ifconfig it looks like ppp0 is working
properly (although netcfg refers to it as ppp1). route -n returns three
entries, the first is the address of the PPP server, gateway, the
second is my loopback and the third is, gateway address of my PPP
server. This looks correct to me (with the exception of default being
replaced with, but when I try to ping my PPP server's IP address
I get nothing back.

 This is YDL 1.2CS running on an 8600/200 with an external USR 33.6k
Sportster modem. Any ideas as to what could be going wrong? The really
bizarre thing is that intermittently I have been able to telnet out to IP
addresses, but I have never gotten DNS working!


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