Purchase YDL 2.0 from CompUSA? NEVER!

Subject: Purchase YDL 2.0 from CompUSA? NEVER!
From: Pete Peters (ppeters914@home.com)
Date: Tue May 29 2001 - 14:02:35 MDT

I have only been in *ONE* CompUSA (in Cupertino, CA....hmmmmm..) that
enthusiastically embraced Apple's Store-Within-A-Store concept. The
rest, especially here in the Seattle, WA area, give it lip-service if
not outright disdain. Yes, I plan to purchase YDL 2.0, but from a store
that deserves my business. IMHO, CompUSA does not.

Pete Peters <ppeters914@home.com>
Seattle, Washington, USA

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> > BTW: Where can I get the 2.0 CDs tomorrow? Will CompUSA carry them?
> Eh? Do you mean YDL 2.0 is supposed to be released to the stores
>soon? I don't really follow distros...

Well, the release date is 5/29/2001 for YDL 2.0. I'm just wondering
if it's there when I go and check today ... But I would like to know
which stores they distribute through.

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