Re: 2.1 W/ Radeon

Subject: Re: 2.1 W/ Radeon
From: Patrick Callahan (
Date: Thu Oct 25 2001 - 06:18:12 MDT

I'm still using the method below, given to me by Dan Burcaw several months

Some questions:

I'm using the settings of the frame buffer for the console to create
XF86Config-4 with -accel

Does this mean I get "hardware acceleration" even with the frame buffer?

Just what is "hardware acceleration" anyway? Is it noticable when using X?
What does using the frame buffer's data as a source of data for XF86Config-4

Does anyone remember how to set the resolution and refresh rate with fbset?
I found the depth parameter but can't remember the other one's name. I
recall using a parameter something like 1024x768-75 to set pixels and refresh
rate, but now I can't find the name of the parameter.

Anyway, the following got me going.

It's probably a good idea to backup your /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file
and your /etc/X11XF86Config file in case you hose something badly.

cp /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 /safehouse
cp /etc/X11XF86Config /safehouse

0. press ctrl-alt f1 to get to a console if you're already in kde.

1. login as root, you're going to write someting in /etc

3. issue the following commands

fbset -depth 16 -accel
startx -- :1

This sets the bit depth for the frame buffer used in console mode
and I suppose it turns on hardware accelation for frame buffer devices

The second command re-creates the XF86Config-4 with the Frame buffer's

The third starts a new X session complete with kde (maybe you've got kde
running twice. once on the console at ctrl-alt-f7 and again on the console at

4. log out of the kde session on f1 console and you can retry fbset with
other parameters.

5. If you came from a kde session on console f7, switch back to it using
ctrl-alt-f7, log out and log back in to use the newly generated XF86Config-4

5a. If you couldn't get X to work the way you wanted, restore the backup
copies of the XF86Config files.


On Thursday 25 October 2001 12:58, you wrote:
> Anybody have any look with Yellow dog 2.1 and radeon cards yet? The little
> sticker on the case says ATI radeon right on it, but XConfigurator doesn't
> seemt o set it up. Tried setting it up to my XF86Config-4 I had in LinuxPPC
> where I had it working but that doesn't work either. I've been bashing and
> bashing on it but haven't made any non frame buffer progress. Well no
> progress passed install defualts on the frame buffer either!
> Robert B.
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