ProFTP slow throughput

Subject: ProFTP slow throughput
From: rgp systems (
Date: Sat Sep 23 2000 - 18:36:34 MDT

I'm having slow throughput with ProFTP -- 2.5k/sec max download, 3.1k/sec
max upload.

Here's my setup:
PMac 7200 with 96 meg RAM + 512k cache running YDL 2.2.17 behind a
Macsense DSL/Cable router connected to
200k DSL connection via
10BaseT ethernet

I'm connecting to the server from a 48k modem connection. I should be
getting at least 3.5-4.5/k sec. The server was completely unloaded during my

Can anyone give me general hints on what can cause this bottleneck?

Randy Perry
rgp systems

Mac Consulting/Sales

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