AS/400 has anyone had success with YDL

Subject: AS/400 has anyone had success with YDL
From: Charles P. Provencher (
Date: Mon Aug 23 1999 - 22:26:25 MDT

I'm new to this list, so please be understanding!

I have the opportunity to purchase a second hand IBM AS/400 using PPC
CPU. It's either a model 150 or 170, I'm seeing it tomorrow.

has someone had any success with AS/400's and YDL.

I do networking and a client had to change his AS/400 for some NT box
(his loss, my gain if YDL works on AS/400:)

I know from the FAQ that YDL is unsupported but works on some RS/6000
models (including the model 150).

In the lower models of the RS/6000 family, the same architecture is used
for the AS/400 (please correct me if I'm wrong). Does that mean that
RS/6000 P 43 model 150 is the same architecture as the AS/400 model 150?
And YDL would work on AS/400's?

I'd appreciate some help on this.



Charles P. Provencher
Montreal, QC, Canada

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