Re: How eliminate video artifacts while drawing?

Subject: Re: How eliminate video artifacts while drawing?
From: John L Grantham (
Date: Mon Aug 30 1999 - 07:39:38 MDT

Greetings, Dan Burcaw at! On 30.8.99 3:24 pm, you

>> Anyway, hope Dan can pull some more rabbits out of his hat. ;-)
>Uh oh.. well, the question I have is are you both using "No Video Driver"
>That would account for the crappy video. If not, have you tried various
>video mode settings? (see the back of our 1.1 manual_

Nope, I unchecked "No Video Driver" and am only using the kernel argument
for atyfb (I forget it at the moment, but I have it set to 1024x768@32
for the console). I'll have to look at it at home as to what the exact
argument is. My G3 is pretty much a stock setup, except for an extra 2 GB
Barracuda SCSI internal running YDL, and I have a brand-spankin' new
Apple Studio DIsplay.

Or should I nuke the kernel argument altogether? I'm only using it for
the console video at the moment. Though that shouldn't affect X, should

As for my X settings, the current version is just what Xconfigurator spat
out using CS 1.1 standard install, running Enlightenment/GNOME (correctly
detected ATY Mach 64 w/6 MB RAM). I fiddled with Enlightenment's settings
some, like setting the window redraw to Line instead of Solid or
Opaque--that seems to help a little. I haven't tried other WMs,
though--maybe it's a bug with E. I'll give WindowMaker a whirl tonight.
Or Blackbox. Or AfterStep. Or whatever.

The phenomenon isn't that bad, just mildly annoying at times. As Dick
said, it goes away once the windows stop moving. The only other bug I
have is that the GNOME menu bar is still slow, though better than it was
in YDL 1.0 and LinuxPPC 1999.

>> Speaking of ATI, when are we going to see their Linux support? I heard
>> that they were going to open up their drivers somewhere...
>No, they are just getting the proper documentation to certain external
>developers :)

Like...Terra Soft, maybe? ;-)

More seriously, how soon do you think we'll see the fruits of that? The X
performance on my ATI card has improved dramatically in 1.1 (though how
much of that was my fault is hard to tell), but it still isn't quite as
good as under the MacOS.



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