Re: Monitor Resolution and Driver

Subject: Re: Monitor Resolution and Driver
From: Neil Jolly (
Date: Mon Dec 13 1999 - 21:22:26 MST

Phil Kirschner wrote:

> >Firsy uncheck the no video driver box. Next add a video argument to bootx
> >like: "video=atyfb:vmode:17,cmode:24". Boot into linux, and rerun
> >Xconfigurator. Setup your video as desired, and exit Xconfigurator, witout
> >running the test. Run startx, and you should be done.
> Progress at last, but still issues. I entered the above kernel args
> into BootX, and my machine booted into 1024x768 resolution for the
> text mode. I reran Xconfigurator and it prompted me for my monitor
> type and resolution, which I had never seen before. I chose the
> exact monitor that I have, and tried to select a few resolutions.
> When I ran startx, it failed, and there were all these lines about
> modes being deleted. When I looked back into XF86Config, I saw that
> the configurator had added a LOT of modes, but was not using any but
> 3 or 4 in the Screen section, like I specified.
> To get to the point, I now have text mode at 1024x768 and that's
> great. I can't get X to run in 1024x768, and I don't think I want to
> try. When I boot into the working Xwindows, I hear a high pitch
> noise as the monitor switches resolutions. Is that as bad as it
> sounds? Can I ignore it? Anyway, I read an Apple tech sheet on the
> MultiScan 15 monitor, and they say it can't run at 1024x768 on a Mac,
> only on PC/PC compatibles with an adapter. Is that a problem with
> Linux?

If that is what Apple says then I suspect it would be the case with linux from
the same video card. The high pitched sqeal generally means that you have
exceeeded the valid resolutions. Try configuring for 800x600, and see if that
takes care of the sqeal, and gets you into X. What error messages are you
getting besides the normal messages about unusable modes being deleted? Also
try setting up you XF86Config with only 1 resolution at first, then add more
until it breaks.

Neil Jolly                  
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