modem lock file/connection speed/keyboard

Subject: modem lock file/connection speed/keyboard
From: Andrew Zander (
Date: Sun Jan 16 2000 - 19:53:30 MST

When logging into my system under a user different from root, and try to use
kppp, it tells me it is unable to create a modem lock file. How can i fix this

When i connect to my isp is only connects at 38000, i have the standard apple
internal 56k modem, when i connect from mac os i always get at least 45k, is
something not set up right? kppp detects it as a 56k modem..

I have a blue and white G3 wth the new keyboard and the delete key works as
delete and not backspace, could someone give me good instructions on how to fix
this? (i'm a newbie...)

thanks for your time,

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