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Evan Read (
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 22:05:50 +1300

Games, my friends, games.

A PowerPC port of Quake for Linux. Some other popular linux game binaries.
Whatever is hot on Intel, should be bundled with at least Gone Home (on the
CD - not as part of the distribution of course). You know how easy it would
be to recommend someone buy a CD with "bundled games".

Just something to keep in mind. Keep in contact with Corel and Applix
because it is very important that Wordperfect (and the rest of the Corel
suite as it is rolled out) and ApplixWare for PowerPC work with YDL when
released. I figured that porting from one architectural Linux to another
would be another no-brainer, but apparently Netscape is causing LinuxPPC Inc
grief so yeah... be sure you are compatible before purchasing is done ;)

Lastly stick some bleeding edge stuff on the CD. For goodness sake, get
Netscape to give you guys a beta of Gecko for Linux (and wave your PPC
magic)... why the thing is Win32 only I will never know (they are showing
off an opensource browser to shrouded source customers... sheesh....)


Evan Read

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