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Tue, 23 Mar 1999 20:46:33 -0700 (MST)

> When we will be able to order this stuff? The first quarter is almost over,
> Is Champion server going to be released this quarter? What are the main
> differences between Champion Server and Going Home? How YellowDog compares
> to LinuxPPC? any benchmarks? It's ease of use on of your priorities? Will
> Netscape run on it? Will currently available LinuxPPC software run on it?
> Any other commercial software ported? Will it run on G3 upgraded PCI
> PowerMacs?

I'd say it'll be released before the quarter is over :).

As far as Netscape, we have the same problems that LPPC has. Glibc 2.x
causes problems building Netscape for Linux/PPC. While we don't include
Netscape with Champion Server, we're going to make sure it's included in
Gone Home. Also, as soon as it's available, it'll be put up for the ftp
mirrors to grab so everyone can download it. We're testing the latest
Mozilla release on PPC right now (m3 -- milestone 3; for
more info). Mozilla, even on x86 is still a very alpha stage application.
Many many functions are not yet implimented. Again, we did not find it
critical not to include Netscape in Champion Server as most people won't
be using it (ie: ISPs). If one does need www access, lynx and kfm (yes, I
know the http support is nowhere near perfect) are included. Hopefully
Netscape will be working soon.

There aren't many speed differences between LPPC and YDL. Same kernel.
We're considering optimization in future releases for G3s (750). The egcs
compiler has basic ability to do this right now from what I understand.

Ease of use is a priority for the Gone Home release.
Champion Server is for ISPs, developers, etc. Although anyone
can use it, it just won't be the ease-of-use level as say MacOS.
(I'm not sure if Linux will ever be that easy though)
Gone Home will have software included that you wouldn't use at an ISP,
etc. For example, Evan brought of point that we should include an icq
client. Also, Gone Home will improve upon the installation process and
post-installation configuration. This includes a focus on the desktop.
Both products have a target market.. both are also compatibile with each
other. We won't change glibc libraries again in Gone Home :)

All R5 software will run on YDL
Upgraded PCI machines to G3s should work fine.


> A release of your server before LinuxPPC releases it v.5.0 will give you
> some extra sales!
> Manny Alvarez
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> > Check out the order page. We already have some merchandise.
> > There are photos too :)
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> > On Mon, 22 Mar 1999, Evan Read wrote:
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> >> You guys should seriously consider marketing some YDL merchandise. I know
> >> you guys will have a mouse pad, t-shirt and such, but I reckon you should
> >> come up with a "cute logo" (like tux) and get dolls made and get some cool
> >> slashdot-like t-shirts made for the geeks out there.
> >>
> >> I reckon a design based on the GoneHome puppy logo would be great. That is
> >> my favorite of the three line art dog designs you guys have done....
> >>
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