Re: Update for Newbies/Dummies?

Subject: Re: Update for Newbies/Dummies?
From: JP Rosevear (
Date: Thu Nov 04 1999 - 22:17:51 MST

Spino wrote:
> This is a really newbieish question.. But I figure it'd make a nice webpage.
> If you have installed YDL and want to know what programs that need to be
> updated, how do find all th version numbers of all the programs installed
> (I guess an Installation Log would help, but what if you don't have it?),
> where is a list of all the programs that make up YDL with version numbers
> to compare to and find what needs to be updated, and once you d/l the
> updated software, how do you update?
> The newbieist of newbie questions, but I figure it'd be a good question
> to ask.

Do the command: rpm -qa > install.txt

That will dump a list of all the packages and their version numbers into
a text file call install.txt.


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