Re: PB G3, OS 9, Support questions

Subject: Re: PB G3, OS 9, Support questions
From: Jim Cole (
Date: Fri Nov 12 1999 - 12:40:24 MST

Stuart R. Hall's bits of Thu, 11 Nov 1999 translated to:

> I've got YDL running on a PB G3 with MacOS 9.
> It's been installed for a couple of months, and I just have a few questions for everyone:
> (1) Is there yet support for my ATI Rage LT Pro
> chipset for graphics acceleration?
Support does exist, but setting it up is not particularly straight forward.
Basically, you either need to drop back to the Xpmac server or upgrade your
kernel. Both require some configuration tweaking and additional kernel
arguments. There is supposed to be an official Yellow Dog kernel update,
including some useful configuration tools, coming soon. So you might want
to wait on that unless you are really itching for acceleration. There is
more information on PowerBook G3 graphics hardware acceleration floating
around in the list archive.


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