Re: Linux and BeOS

Subject: Re: Linux and BeOS
From: Andrew Weiss (
Date: Mon Nov 22 1999 - 09:00:42 MST

> Quoting Jason P. Stanford (jps3@Lehigh.EDU) from Sat, Nov 20, 1999 at
> 12:53:42PM -0500:
>> I have YDL running on several machines that BeOS doesn't support (G3's).
>> I don't understand why Linux, and not BeOS, will run on these platforms.
>> If Linux developers can figure it out, why not BeOS? (Then again, I'm
>> hardly an expert on OS development!).
> Because BeOS refuses to "reverse-engineer" the hardware. (In other words,
> both *can* figure it out, the difference is that Linux *did*, and BeOS
> is taking a political stand against Apple instead of producing an operating
> system. You can guess which I run :-)
> -Rich
Actually I believe that maybe Apple is being harder on Be than it is on
Linux. Linux is less of a tangible threat to Apple, and Apple even has OS 9
supporting making LinuxPPC partitions with Drive Setup, not just MkLinux and
OS X, and this seems just like a sign that of course they acknowledge other
OS's on their platform. They don't want to give the goodies in their
Displaying system for OS X away, that's all... i.e. on Intel hardware. They
don't care if other OS's run on their machines... I think they are fairly
convinced of their own OS's superiority. One can find snippets about their
hardware... even the newest stuff in Darwin, and other places..

The reason Apple may not like Be is Jean Louis Gassee ...
and vice-versa of course. Remember Gassee was kicked out of Apple, and he
is the master-mind behind a lot of the no-brain schemes that Apple cooked up
over the years.

Be is lazy anyhow. Well this is just a belief in an evolutionary theory..
My $.02


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