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Subject: ethernet cards
Date: Mon Nov 29 1999 - 08:26:18 MST

Subject: Two ethernet card troubles with LAN

I am running YDL 2.2.6-16bpmac on a Power Mac 6500/225, 32meg ram. It is
equiped with both an Apple Ethernet cs-II card and a Farallon Ethernet PCI
card. Both cards contain DEC 21041 variants. The added Farallon card
becomes eth0 and the the original Apple card becomes eth1 upon booting.

I have an @home cable modem with a fixed IP address for eth0 while eth1 is
assigned and is linked to my small 10BaseT LAN composed
entirely of Macs running Mac0S 8.6. I put
on a line in /etc/atalk/atalkd.conf so Netatalk would not complain.

I have installed ipchains-1.3.9 from
to perform
masquerading for the other computers on my LAN.

When I boot up and start IP masquerading, everything works great. The Macs
on my network can telnet or surf with Netscape. Email works
while, as expected, FTP does not work (since the required module is not
installed yet).

Unfortunately, after a few random number of web acesses, the eth0 ethernet
card shuts down and I lose connection to the internet. I think eth1 has
gone down instead some of the time, but it is eth0 most of the time. When
I try to recycle the network or reboot, the system hangs when it tries to
shut down the offending card.

Although, I thought PCI cards should be automatically detected on boot, I
added the line:

       alias eth1 tulip
or even the lines:

       alias eth0 tulip
       alias eth1 tulip

to the /etc/conf.modules file.

Neither of these changes made any difference.

I am able to run my LAN from this computer with MacOS and the excellent
IPNetRouter program from Sustainable Softworks, so I know the cards and
other equipment work OK.

Any ideas about what I should try to get this to work running Linux?
Tim Leaven
University of Iowa

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