v2.2.12 and a bronze Powerbook G3

Subject: v2.2.12 and a bronze Powerbook G3
From: Graham Leggett (minfrin@sharp.fm)
Date: Mon Oct 18 1999 - 09:30:40 MDT

Hi all,

I tried to install the v2.2.12 RPMs to get accelerated X on my Powerbook
G3. I upgraded to BootX v1.1.3, I installed the RPM and booted from the
vmlinux kernel supplied in /boot. The system booted fine but the graphic
display didn't work properly.

The OS starts up, the little penguin does not appear, but some text
appears instead saying:

"Welcome to Linux, kernel 2.2.12-2"

4 lines of diagnostic stuff is printed, and then the text:


This is all that appears on the screen. The harddrive can be heard to be
running as the machine starts up, so despite the lack of a display the
machine still works. I can log in after the machine has booted up
blindly and then issue a shutdown command, and the computer shuts down
as requested.

The display stays white text on black for a short while, and then turns
to a light blue fuzzy text on bluish fuzzy background.

If I select the "no video driver" option, the machine boots normally
(with penguin and all) but X does not work.

Any ideas? Is this kernel supposed to work with a Powerbook G3 at all?


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